Taking Your Health To A New Level


One Size Does Not Fit All
The first and most important step is to meet you where you're at.  Maybe  you don't even know where you're at.  Life In Focus can help.   To understansd what we can offer it would be best to understand the core beliefs:

  1. Be involved in your personal health journey. There is a lot you can do to help your body heal.  Today's health system is established on the premis of being reactive instead of proactive.  The better practice is to become proactive.  Take care of your mind and body throught healthy habits and a clear understanding of your health today. 
  2. Health centers around your gut, what you put into it and the environment around it.  This holistic approach has been around long before the concept of current medical practices and more and more experts are jumping on board with this philosophy.  While a simple-sounding concept this is quite complex.  Even 'healthy foods' can be troublesome to certain individuals.    An unhealthy environment is also a problem.
  3. Make subtle changes in your health and lifestyle.  Drastic changes don't work and unless there is  a reason for a drastic change, consider making small changes over time until you get where you want to go.  While cliche, it really is a marathon and not a sprint.  You didn't get here overnight and you're not going to get completely healthy overnight either.  

Here are some of the services offere by LIFE:

  • A complimentary DISCOVERY call (30-45 minutes) - This DISCOVERY call is the KEY to what should follow - you will likely not know right now!
  • Food Sensitivity Test - several options
  • Baseline Testing for inflammatory markers
  • Essential fatty acids test
  • Heavy metals testing
  • Comprehensive Assessment (75 minutes) 
  • Supplementation recomendations to match test results
  • Follow-up consultations/recommended lifestyle modifications 
  • Continued support to monitor progress
  • Wellness education including necessary handouts 
  • Recommendations specific to  your needs

Set up your free DISCOVERY call to see if we are a fit for you!