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Hi, my name is Lynn - I’m a Certified Health Coach with a big heart and a large love of LIFE!  Although, I know it's not my place to determine anyone’s destiny, there's one thing I am certain about.  All LIFE  is valuable and everyone has a purpose on this earth.  Alhough things may not always make sense, LIFE should never be taken for granted. Being intentional about your choices, sharing your gifts with others and striving to be your best is critical.

Lives are often cut short due to the devaluization of human life. 

Sometimes, we make bad decisions, develop  unhealthy  lifestyle patterns and choose inappropriate nutrition.  Each decision we make has an overall impact on how well we live and how long we live.  While I recognize that we all have our own reasons for why we do things, it makes me sad to witness destructive choices.  I often consider "what could be done to create a better outcome" for each individual.  My belief is that there is help for everyone, but first, help must be sought.

I am not out to 'save the world'.  I can, however, offer guidance and support to individuals who want better outcomes.  If I can prevent even one premature death or an onslaught of unnecessary, critical conditions, then my purpose is served!  I have confidence  knowing that God has provided me with the gift to listen, support and guide.

To me, LIFE should be valued and enjoyed – even through trials, we should always search for the positive.  Though my life has been a series of ups and downs, I am grateful for the challenges of each day.  They teach me more about myself and help me to be more undertanding of others.   When you fnd your true purpose, you will always have a reason to live and a reason to be better.  That’s why I LOVE what I do, because it is my way of  serving others, while also serving my purpose.  

As your adviser, I make a point of being a continuous student.  Though I will never know everything, I spend hours each week learning from some of the most advanced practitioners, doctors and researchers of functional medicine.  If you have the belief that someone needs a bunch of advanced degrees to understand health, then I am not for you.  I can assure you of one thing, I've studied nutrition and it's affects on the human body more than any traditional medical doctor or nurse.  

If you are looking for a new approach to health; one that recognizes that you are NOT  like everyone else; one that recognizes that health does NOT mean waiting for a diagnosis of disease, but one that works to prevent it... then I can help you.   CONTACT ME TODAY

Meeting You Where You're At

I've walked in your shoes and know how confusing the journey to "healthy" can be.  At L.I.F.E. the goal is to understand where you're at and where you want to go.  Maybe you're like Alex who was just told by the doctor to change his ways now or risk serious health issues - sooner, rather than later.

Or maybe you're more like Jenny who works out regularly and eats healthy... or so she thought.  Why was she so tired all the time?  Why did she have slight stomach issues?  She just had a sneaking suspicion she was missing something. Could she be healthier?

There's also Cindy who was concerned about the health of her family.  Why were the kids a little overweight even though they were active? How could she practice healthy behaviors that would last a lifetime - for her and her kids?

Where are you at?   Where would you like to go?   Would you like a little help? EMAIL ME TODAY

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