Toxins are bombarding us from everywhere.   You might be surprised to know that most branded personal care products are loaded with toxins and unhealthy chemicals – from makeup to toothpaste, laundry detergent and soaps.  I have decided to decrease exposure wherever I can and have found many alternatives that are just as effective. An easy way to replace some of these items is to make them.  Some replacements require just a few simple household ingredients, like baking soda, distilled water, and vinegar.  Others require a bit more work, time, and a lot of trial and error. Where I haven’t found a homemade option that satisfies my husband and me, I’ve searched high and low for the highest quality toxin-free products.  The one that has taken me the longest to substitute is toothpaste. Recently I found a product that I feel very comfortable with and have been using it for several months.  I wish I had known about this since I was younger – I could have saved myself a lot of money in dental bills.  That’s why I want everyone to understand the importance of oral health.  It really is the gateway to your overall health. The mouth affects every organ of the body and has a strong link to the gut.  Commercial toothpaste brands are abrasive and ineffective.  They contain many harsh chemicals that compromise our overall health.  Some of these ingredients include artificial flavorings and coloring, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, triclosan, fluoride, and several others. The advertising pitch that toothpaste should “kill germs”, is not the right approach.  If it is too abrasive, it actually increases bad bacteria, allowing a build-up of bacterial plaque. An ideal toothpaste helps to foster the balance of healthy oral bacteria using a gentle approach.  It also contains properties that neutralize the acid in your mouth and create an environment resistant to decay organisms. Revitin is my toothpaste of choice.  It is mild and was formulated by two dentists, Dr. Gerry Curatola and Dr. David Shuch.  Their approach takes the whole body into consideration by balancing the oral microbiome (or bacteria) to improve the bacteria of the whole body.   To learn more click here. Taking care of your body means more than clean eating.  It means eliminating toxins and chemicals whenever possible. Cleaning up your mouth will go a long way for improving your health! Note: Life In Focus Enterprises is an affiliate for Revitan Toothpaste products and receives compensation if you purchase through the link provided.  
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