As the summer winds down, I find myself having mixed feelings about a new season.

Quite honestly, I love Fall, but the end of summer is still always disappointing.

Here is what I will miss about summer:

  • The long days – having that extra sunshine every day is so motivating.
  • Being able to go outside without adding an extra layer of cloths. I will have to plan accordingly!
  • Slipping my shoes on and going for walks, several times a day. Ideally, I’d love to be outside ALL day, but that’s unrealistic. I do my best to get out as much as possible. Getting out 3-4 times a day is so good for the body – it helps reset that daily internal clock.
  • Bike rides with my husband. Ever since our kids were teenagers, we’ve taken an interest in exploring the world on two wheels…It’s become our “thing”.
  • Fresh produce from the garden – nothing tastes quite like homegrown, plus, its’ the only way to know if you’re truly eating organic.
  • Not freezing when I get out of the shower! I hate being cold!
  • Sitting outside enjoying the warm air.

Though sad for the end of summer, changes bring about new experiences.

Here are some of the things I look forward to:

  • A break from the long days – sometimes the only way to get things done inside is NOT to have a good reason to be outside.
  • The cooler weather – while I enjoy the heat of summer, sometimes it is just too hot!
  • Not having to water my garden. In the summer I find it relaxing, but at the end of the season, I’m over it!
  • Not worrying about what produce needs to be prepped or frozen. It’s a love/hate thing – I can’t wait for it to grow, but then it comes fast and furious.
  • The start of hockey season – wait, did I say that? After more than 33 years of watching my husband coach, I guess it’s in my blood! This year will be a little bit different because we will be coaching together!

You might have noticed that some of the things I will miss about summer are also things I look forward to doing without! Everything has it’s season.

You might find that the same is true of LIFE!

Things come and go. While we may be sad to see certain things come to an end, it is helpful to recognize with change comes a new opportunity. Embrace it!

Remember, there is always a new door ready to open. Be prepared to close another when it is time!

What changes are you looking forward to?

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