If you’re like me, you do your best to find chemical free, non-toxic household products.  That means reading a lot of labels and trying out a lot of different products, often, without success.

When I cannot find a product I like I typically search for a homemade recipe and give it a shot, again with mixed results! 

This was exactly the case with laundry detergent.  Most of the commercial brands contain toxic chemicals that can interfere with our hormones. It’s hard to justify using them once you know this.

First, I searched for a “natural”, “non-toxic” laundry detergent.  I tried many brands hoping to find one that accomplished what commercial brands have achieved; clean, fresh-smelling clothes.  I was sadly disappointed.  At the time it seemed there was no toxic-free product that would meet my standards.

I went on to the next option: make my own.  When one recipe didn’t work, I tried another, and another.  I finally settled on one that seemed to be working.  Unfortunately, after several loads, I started noticing white streaks and a weighted, dirty feeling.   I tried to ignore it thinking it was the best option.  Would I just have to settle?

I thought so, until I found MyGreenFills.

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about their claim to have created an all-natural, eco-friendly product that works as well as the big brands.  I was also hopeful.

So, I gave it a try.  It was a pretty easy choice since the first order was FREE.

I’ve been using it since April and am a believer. Our clothes smell fresh and after several loads still look colorful and clean (even my husband’s stinky, sweaty workout clothes that sit in his gym-bag in the car all day.)  Now I want everyone to know about it.

Here’s what I LOVE about MyGreenFills:

  1. Your first order is FREE – it includes your refillable container, wash packet and an additional product of your choice!
  2. Orders are shipped directly to your door.
  3. It is a subscription which can be set to your schedule.
  4. The products are eco-friendly – the container you receive in your first shipment is the one you use FOREVER…no recycling needed!
  5. BEST OF ALL – the smell is amazing AND my clothes are clean.
  6. MyGreenFills also has dryer sachets, stain sticks, Oxyboost and other products that are just as effective.
  7. A portion of the proceeds from their dryer sachet, the “Dryer Angel” goes to support deaf women in Jamaica and Chinese victims of sex-trafficing.

If you’re looking for a way to ditch the chemicals in your laundry detergent and switch to an eco-friendly product that’s just as effective, give MyGreenFills a try.

Live your best LIFE,


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